The Daylight Data team is comprised of exceptional individuals who are passionate about their disciplines. We serve clients who push the boundaries of what's possible in their industry and our teams rise to meet very demanding requests.

Technical Competencies

Although we don't have formal roles, we find that candidates' skills and preferences fall along the same lines as our broad service offerings:

Data Scientists and Engineers

You were working with spreadsheets before you rode a bike. You're an ultra-marathon style regression runner. You love keeping everyone around you properly grounded in statistically accurate language and you add confidence intervals to all your estimates. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data are all terms that mean something specific to you.

UI Designers and Information Engineers

You can sketch your way out of any situation, you can make macro-economic statistics from the Federal Reserve look interesting to your car mechanic, and you can make data come to life. You're a wizard with infographics. You understand that the best visualizations connect impassionate, hard data with soft human emotion and viewer motivations.

Full Stack and Mobile Developers

You enjoy connecting the dots necessary to bring something to life. You experiment in your spare time with new technologies and you're a bit of a jack of all trades. You're a 'yes' individual that believes that anything possible to articulate is also possible to implement.

Dev Ops Engineers

You like providing the infrastruce that supports everyone's activities, and don't mind that you rarely interact with end users. You focus of codified, repeatible, and scaleable systems that respond to the needs of the developers and data scientists you support. Most people consider what you do to be the dark arts of cloud computing. You don't correct them.

Functional Disciplines

Servicing the needs of our customers entails understanding their business models, costs and risks. Successful account managers and analysts often have deep subject matter expertise in specifics. Although it's not a specific requirement, we do value a team of diverse interests.

Supply Chain Management
Risk Management
Data Quality
Marketing Analytics
Process Management
Cloud Computing
Experiment Design
Business Intelligence
Mobile Strategy
Augmented/Virtual Reality
Data Science
Machine Learning
Big Data
Internet of Things (IoT)

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